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Frequently Asked Questions

Beginning of Life Concerns

When does human life begin? Is the embryo a person? More information coming soon . . .

Infertility & Reproduction Concerns

Are assisted reproductive technologies ever appropriate for a Christian? Is preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) appropriate for a Christian? What about prenatal testing or screening?  More information coming soon . . .

Healthcare & Medicine Concerns

Do humans have a right to healthcare? What are rights of conscience? Do physicians and other healthcare professionals have a right to refuse care on the basis of their conscience? More information coming soon . . .

Science & Technology Concerns

Are some technologies not worth pursuing? What are stem cells and should Christians support stem cell research? What about human cloning? More information coming soon . . .

End of Life Concerns

Do Christians have an obligation to pursue life extending treatments at all costs? Is euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide ever an appropriate answer? More information coming soon . . .

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